Many companies conduct Video Mystery Shopping, have you?

You may have thought about conducting video mystery shopping at some point, most companies do, but sometimes it can be a difficult decision

Many companies consider either report based only mystery shopping, or a combination of report based and video mystery shopping. You may have never conducted mystery shopping and are at the early stages where you might not be sure of the risks and benefits involved.

Some of the world’s most recognised brands spend millions of pounds on this type of customer service improvement research. They would only do that if they were convinced that it achieves customer experience improvement benefits to their business.

Mystery Shopping Provider

Video mystery shopping provides real time sound and visual aids and the tools required to use in training workshops with your teams.

Mystery shopping

Evidence Based

Many companies who do report-based mystery shopping use video mystery shopping in the areas of their business which are under-performing. They strategically use video mystery shopping for targeted evidence-based training and development initiatives. This is where this type of mystery shopping works very well because it’s ‘evidence-based’ and a practical tool for training and development.

Why Mystery Shop?

Is mystery shopping ethical and should you be doing it?

If the size and profile of companies that initiate these projects had any reservations and felt there were any concerns about it, they wouldn’t spend large amounts of money conducting mystery shopping to fulfil their improvement strategies. If they weren’t achieving any improvements in customer experience levels and getting a good return on their investment, they wouldn’t do it.

Some companies have mixed feelings about mystery shopping. Some think it’s a great training and development tool, while others question the morals behind it.

The truth is, how can you improve customer service and customers experience in your business and increase sales, referrals, and customer retention, if you have no idea what is going on when your front-line teams are dealing with your customers.


You’re customers journey

Mystery shopping, along with video mystery shopping, is the most cost-effective method for measuring a customer’s first-time experience with your business and assessing if they would buy, make a recommendation, return, or if they would provide a bad online review.

The more you know about your customers, the better the customer experience!