Will working from home become the new normal?

With the impact of Covid-19, you or your team may be experiencing working from home for the first time. Working from home, if managed in the right way, has many advantages. When you discover the right routine that works for you, you may find you are more productive and can manage your workload around your [...]

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In difficult times it is more important than ever to focus on customer experience

The coronavirus is creating complications for many businesses. With few people wanting to leave their homes or visit public places, businesses are experiencing a notable drop in footfall and sales. The health and safety of employees and customers is the highest priority, which is resulting in businesses having to temporarily close, require employees to work [...]

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What is Customer Journey Mapping?

The customer is always on a journey. Sometimes that journey is not a pleasant one and can cause distrust, for brand reputation to be damaged, and for a customer to turn away completely from the brand. In other cases, it is a completely harmonious and comfortable journey, where all aspects of the process are understood, [...]

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Become a Mystery Shopper at My View!

It’s time to have your view! My View has partnered with some of the world's most recognised brands to provide insight and analysis on the level of service their team are providing to their customers, through Mystery Shopping and CX initiatives. By signing up as a Mystery Shopper, you can complete ad-hoc customer experience [...]

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