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This year has been challenging for all businesses, however, we have worked incredibly hard to make sure that we can service our clients and support them with all of their business needs and requirements during these unprecedented times. During lock-down we were given the gift of time. Time to reflect and think about where [...]

What is the mystery shopper assessment process?

So why bother with mystery shopping and how important is it for your brand? The answer is extremely important if you want to stay relevant and continue to evolve and adapt for your market. Let’s explore how this works instore for the retail brand. What does the mystery shopper assess? When customers cross the threshold [...]

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How can your mystery shopping programme be more cost effective but still provide valuable insight? 

Many businesses invest in mystery shopping as a tool to evaluate customer experience. Mystery shopping is a very effective measurement tool as it allows you to replicate a real customer enquiry and create a measurement criteria, based on your sales process and training programme. Mystery shopping can take place face-2-face, via phone or online to [...]

Do your team feel safe in their working environment?

In light of COVID-19, businesses are having to put measures in place for the safety of their staff and their customers. But what do your team think about how you have handled the pandemic as their employer, and the measures that you have put in place for their safety? Staff satisfaction is key to retaining [...]

How will customer service be measured alongside social distancing?

Customer service is still at the forefront of everyone’s mind, even during these unprecedented times. How businesses cope with fewer staff members and social distancing measures will have an impact on the level of service they deliver to their customers.   Pre COVID-19, many businesses had customer experience (cx) programmes in place to measure the level [...]

What is your Social Media Reputation Score?

Social media reputation management is the process of tracking, monitoring and ultimately eliminating negative social media material about your brand. If done properly, social media reputation management builds your credibility to customers, which strengthens their trust in your brand. In this digital age of everything being accessible online comes the added pressure of how [...]

You may need a culture change to become a ‘Customer-First’ Business

If you get the opportunity to read the book ‘That Will Never Work’, it’s about the birth of Netflix and the author is the Co-Founder and first CEO of Netflix, Marc Randolph. It’s an interesting read, with a lot of interesting content. The first being the fact that when they started, they had a seed-capital [...]

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5 reasons your Bar or Restaurant will benefit from Mystery Shopping

If you are the owner of a bar or restaurant, you’ll understand just how important it is to have a solid, happy customer base. At My View, we can offer you an in-depth analysis of your hospitality services, which could help you maximise your potential and increase customer-retention levels. Here are five reasons why your [...]

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Why become a mystery shopper?

We are always on the lookout for new Mystery Shoppers to join our team. Our performance assessment programmes have helped to shape and improve customer service for businesses across many different industries. So, why become a Mystery Shopper? a. It’s free to register as a Mystery Shopper for My View b. You can choose [...]

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Become a Mystery Shopper at My View!

It’s time to have your view! My View has partnered with some of the world's most recognised brands to provide insight and analysis on the level of service their team are providing to their customers, through Mystery Shopping and CX initiatives. By signing up as a Mystery Shopper, you can complete ad-hoc customer experience [...]

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