ow do you know your customers are getting a good level of service when they’re on the phone to your front-line team? Do you have the message ‘All of our calls are recorded for quality and training purposes’ on your live customer calls? What do you do with those calls?

Many businesses are adapting to be able to offer their customers Virtual Appointments, or Virtual Viewings, so that they can carry on with some sort of business as normal. From designing a bespoke kitchen to viewing a car or a house, most interactions, and even purchases, can be made via a virtual experience.

The challenge for businesses is how well their team are conducting Virtual Appointments or Viewings, and if they are making this process as seamless as possible for their customers. The more challenging the process and lack of effort from your sales team, the less likely customers will interact with your business virtually, so will be more likely to wait until they can visit you in person.

It’s surprising how many companies don’t have the time or resource to listen to their recorded calls to identify the quality of service provided to their customers, which in turn can be used for training purposes.

If this sounds like you, then we can help.

At My View Research we can listen to your live customer calls and review the quality of information provided, monitor rapport building, customer service and other areas that your front-line team are trained to deliver.

All companies want their customers to have a great service. Unfortunately, some won’t, that is inevitable. However how you handle that low quality of service and learn from it is important to avoid it becoming a recurring theme.

We have supported businesses across the property, retail, and automotive industries by reviewing their customer calls and providing feedback ready for action internally.

For as little as £6.75* per call, our team can review an agreed number of inbound enquiries through internal or external systems every month and grade the calls against an agreed criteria. The graded surveys and relevant audio files can be hosted on our online reporting portal for ease of access to results and analysis.

Customers are the bread and butter to any business. Without them, there is no business to call.

Make sure you’re delivering your customers the best service by providing your teams with the best support and training that you can.

Speak to one our of Research Consultants today to find out how we can create a cost effective and bespoke Call Grading programme for your business.

*£6.75 per call is based on a volume of 150+ calls graded every month. The unit price is £7.50 to grade less than 150 calls a month.

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