Going forward, large businesses will need to show how they intend to hit climate change targets. They will have to set out their plans on how they will move to a low-carbon future to support the government’s net-zero targets.

Businesses will need to decide how they will adapt with the government’s plan to create transparency and accountability.

Alison Rose, Chief Executive of NatWest, told BBC Radio 4 Today that the bank had started measuring the emissions on its balance sheet to help it track progress, saying “transparency was critical”. Ms Rose said it’s main focus was helping small firms where there were “real business opportunities” in “adopting sustainable supply chain business practises”.

A good place for businesses to start would be to include in the selection criteria process for supplier partners, selecting providers who are not just suitable from a price perspective, along with offering excellent quality and delivery service, but taking into account the providers that also have the lowest carbon footprint.

My View Research, from day one, factored into our business model the objective of operating with the lowest-carbon footprint of all our competitors, at the same time focusing on delivering a very high-quality service. This allows us to pass on the cost saving that operating a low-carbon footprint business brings to our clients.

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