Brand awareness research helps companies identify how people perceive their brands and products. It also helps them determine which marketing strategies will best reach their target audience.

Brand research

User Interviews

Ask your customers for their feedback on your brand

One of the most effective ways to learn more about your customers is through user interviews. These conversations allow you to ask questions directly about your product and services. You can use these insights to improve your customer service, develop new products, and even make changes to existing ones.

Focus Groups

A focus group is a type of qualitative research method used to gather data from a small number of people who share similar characteristics. In other words, you’re looking for opinions and experiences from people with similar demographics.

A focus group is a very effective method of gathering insight into your brand.

Customer Surveys

Ask your existing customers their opinions of your brand through customer surveys

You can also use surveys to gain insight into how consumers feel about your brand. This helps you identify areas where you need to improve customer service, product quality, or even advertising campaigns


These tools help you learn more about your customers by asking them questions. They can provide insights into consumer attitudes and behaviors, as well as uncover any potential issues with your products or services.

Gain valuable customer insight into your brand

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