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Become a Mystery Shopper with My View Research

  • By signing up as a Mystery Shopper, you can complete ad-hoc Customer Experience assessments to fit around your lifestyle and get paid for each mystery shopping assessment that you complete.

  • Complete as little or as many assessments as you like by logging on to our online portal and selecting the assessments you would like to carry out in your area. Some you can complete straight away, others may require authorisation to proceed based on the requirements from the client.

  • If you are travelling to different areas of the UK and have some spare time, log into the portal and see what assessments are available near you.

  • There are four different types of assessments that could be available for you to carry out. The first being walk-in onsite enquiries as well as telephone, website or social media enquiries.

Our app My View Portal makes it even easier to submit data instantaneously

Here’s what some of our Mystery Shoppers have to say….

‘I have found My View quite a godsend during the recent months. I have had plenty of telephone work, both mystery shopping and customer satisfaction surveys. My questions have been answered promptly and my pay has arrived on time. In addition I have been kept well informed through this difficult time and feel like I am part of a community, which really helps when you are home alone for days on end.’
Mystery Shopper, Mid-Wales
I have found My View Research to be a very professional and well-run company. The team are very friendly and always on hand to help with any advice or support that I may require. They offer a wide variety of interesting assignments and personally the majority of my work is telephone mystery shopping, although I have recently started to carry out physical visits too. The briefs are all well written and accurately describe the task so that the shopper knows exactly what is required. As a company, they are one of the quickest payers which is great news. I certainly enjoy working for My View Research and would have no hesitation in recommending this company to any shopper looking for assignments.’

Mystery Shopper , Cornwall

‘I have now supplied My View Research with freelance mystery shopping services since their inception at the start of 2020. They have plenty of work and hopefully they will get more as they grow. The team do their best to accommodate shopper needs by listening to their views, which is nice. I don’t feel like just another number, like I have done with other mystery shopping companies. If you have a problem or you just need to talk to them about anything at all, they are easy to get hold of and to discuss work with. There are no standard ‘dear shopper’ (we want to keep you at arm’s length) communications, except for the portal report deadline reminders you get with any shopping company. The work standard is high but it is fair. They offer a good rate of pay for the amount of detail required on all assignments. When they provide a brief it is clear and succinct rather than too long winded or repetitive. Questionnaires are not too long either, requiring lengthy summaries for each question and a repeat narrative of the visit at the end. Payment is monthly and is never late. It comes with a pay statement so that you don’t have to grapple with confusing or mysterious payments you can’t account for.  Working for My View Research has been a good experience. My view is this: the team are great to work with and I am glad to be on board with them. Long may that continue!’

Mystery Shopper , London

We have more information on how to become Mystery Shopper on our My Mystery Shopper website here: