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What is accompanied mystery shopping?

Accompanied mystery shopping involves a mystery shopper accompanying a real customer when making a purchase or collection from your business. An example of where accompanied mystery shopping is typically used is within the automotive industry for both sales and aftersales transactions. For example, an accompanied mystery shop can measure and report on the interaction between a real customer and a sales advisor when collecting their new vehicle, or between a real customer and a service advisor when dropping their vehicle off and collecting after the service.

What is the benefit of accompanied mystery shopping?

Mystery shopping itself is a useful research tool, however accompanied mystery shopping provides additional value by reporting on a real customer interaction rather than a simulated or scripted sales or aftersales enquiry.

At My View Research, we recommend that accompanied mystery shops are carried out as evidence-based video mystery shops. The value of this mystery shopping method is that it not only provides feedback from the mystery shopper on the interaction between your staff member and customer, but you can also view the interaction yourself. This is conducted with a video mystery shopper wearing covert recording equipment to film and audio record the interaction.

You can also have the added benefit of our mystery shopper interviewing your customer after the interaction has taken place, to obtain their thoughts and feedback on their experience. This allows you to receive first hand feedback from your customer as well as from the observing mystery shopper.

How does accompanied mystery shopping work?

During an accompanied mystery shop the mystery shopper will pose as a friend or family member of your customer. They will not interact with the staff member, unless specifically addressed, so as not to influence the sales or aftersales processes in any way. They are simply there to observe and record the interaction between your staff member and customer.

The customer typically receives an incentive for taking part in the mystery shop and providing their feedback. This could be something like an amount towards the cost of their service or a voucher.

UK Mystery Shopping Provider

My View Research is a UK based multi-channel research agency that specialises in mystery shopping. Our mystery shoppers can pose as a customer, potential customer, or accompany your customer, and covertly record the interaction between themselves and the relevant staff member to allow for evidence-based training and feedback.

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